Episode 2: Facing Racism

Episode 2 of my personal documentary of my journey bringing awareness to the the spiritual needs of elderly Christians living in assisted living and memory care facilities. I’m asking myself and other church leaders what should the family of God do to make sure the elderly are not forgotten….? You are invited to watch and…

Ja'Marc Davis

“Nothing But The Blood” redeems

“Nothing But The Blood” Sang by Ja’Marc Davis. This song brings healing to my soul when I sing it to my hospice patients that are in the process of dying. I sang this over an aids patient a few weeks ago and the presence of God reigned down and calmed her soul. She left this…

if you are an “Artist”

If you are an “Artist” can you ever really be satisfied if you are not creating what you were designed to create? Or do you itch, internally longing for more? I spent hours in the studio today pouring out my soul. Goodnight music…. I love you. – Ja’Marc

I Won’t Give up!

Some days I am more brave than others. Facing the fear of rejection and the agony of disappointment are both the giants that loom at every corner, to which I reply once again… I WON’T GIVE UP!

Up late to #CREATEgreat

I’m up late trying to prayerfully prepare for the launch of a new adventure! CREATE: Artist Development Conference is the name of the event I feel compelled to orginize. Looking like it might shape up to be impactful. I know the process is impacting me. I’ve learned to enjoy the journey! Looking back on the…