Ja’Marc Davis


Ja’Marc Davis was born in Detroit MI. into a lineage of talented musicians and ministers. His father is a music minister and the former music director for Christian music legend Carman. His mother is a children’s minister and founder of the Texas Children’s Choir and Christian Performing Arts Center. Being exposed to celebrities and industry executives at a very young age, Ja’Marc quickly developed a love of music and dance, while being influenced by a wide variety of music genres and creative artists. At the age of 5, he recognized a calling on his life to influence his generation through his gifts of singing, dancing, and preaching.

After serving 3 years as a backup dancer for Christian hip-hop pioneer’s ETW and serving 2 years as backup dancer for Carman, Davis struck out on his own. In 1996 Ja’Marc’ s musical career exploded on the Christian music scene with the emergence of pop vocal group Raze. Raze brought an infectious energy to the Christian contemporary scene in Europe first, before signing with one of the world’s top recording companies, catapulting them to the top of the national charts. Raze racked up over 500,000 albums sold and garnered critical acclaim with 4 album releases. 3 Dove Awards accompanied the two #1 songs “Always & Forever” and “More Than A Dream” along with 6 additional top 10 radio hits.

It was at the peak of his musical career that everything Ja’Marc and his team had worked for came to an abrupt halt… His musical career came to an apparent end, leaving him to face his darkest hours both personally and professionally. It was during this time of solitude; left to wonder, as many of us do, if he had fallen too far to ever be redeemed or qualified to be used by God again?

“It took nearly 10 years for me to fully accept that God still had plans to use a repentant sinner like me to serve Him and build His Kingdom. I believe that there are potentially millions of people in this world who need to know that The Cross and The Blood were strong enough to redeem their lives too.” – Ja’Marc

Since December 2002, Ja’Marc has honed his skills in areas other than music and ministry, adding business development and management, once again proving himself worthy of promotion, as he worked his way through the ranks of corporate America.

*Serving as the co-founder and president of one of the largest weight loss companies in the U.S., experiencing annual sales in the multi-millions, Ja’Marc was personally responsible for the oversight of 50 employees and multiple offices nationwide.

*As marketing director for a home theater company Ja’Marc created and executed company rebranding plans, targeting high net worth customers, dramatically impacted morale and culture of the company and employees by implementing morning Bible Study and prayer service.

*As a project manager for a real estate development company, Ja’Marc immediately impacted owners property values from $1.6M to $3.4M in residential property by improving management of construction teams, implementing systems for buying and delivering supplies

* As the Director Of Chaplain Care Services for a DFW hospice company, Ja’Marc has walked hundreds terminally ill patients and family members through the process of dying. On many occasions Ja’Marc sat with family members at bedside playing guitar and worshiping Jesus as a patient left this world and entered into eternity. Ja’Marc is recognized for developing key marketing approaches that greatly contributed to business growth, taking the hospice from a $1.8M/yr to over $4M/yr in revenue.

* As founder and visionary, Ja’Marc established the CRE8: Consulting dedicated to inspiring, motivating and connecting Christian artists.

* As founder and visionary, Ja’Marc and his wife Synthia established The Walk: Church USA, dedicated to providing meaningful church services and pastoral care for senior adults in retirement communities.

Ja’Marc’s goals are to share his personal and professional testimony about God’s redeeming plan for all of our lives, while leading people into a powerful healing time of worship experience.


11 thoughts on “Ja’Marc Davis

  1. Hey J’Marc, I just want you to know that God has made a difference in your life. And I’m (sorry to say) envious of that change…which I’m so desperately waiting on in my own. The song “Oh How I Need You” has always been my favorite, which is fitting, due to how all of us need Jesus in our lives. I’m not sure why I’m typing this, but I just felt the need to.

    God Bless you and your family


  2. Hi Ja’Marc, In a random desire for nostalgia, I turned on Raze today. I hadn’t listen to Raze since seventh grade and I was once again blessed by the lyrics… My curiosity got me googling Raze and googling you which led me to twitter which led me here. It is such a blessing to see you being open and real about your walk with Christ. I guess I am just writing to say thank you for your openness and humility. We all screw up and it is so good to see you rising above that, genuinely striving, struggling and persevering with Christ. Like Jonathan above, I pray blessings for you, your beautiful wife, and your precious boy. THANK YOU!

    • Hey Jonathan! You really helped me with our encouraging words. It’s still hard for me to process the shame of my failure, but hearing from friends like you let’s me know that God hasn’t forgotten any of us!

      Lets keep pressing into God to hear His voice so we can follow where He leads!

      A & F Ja’Marc

  3. Dear Mr. Davis! You truly are a great inspiration to me; not just now, but always. Raze was on of the first Christian Concersts I had been to @freedom fest. The weather was cold and rainy, but Raze performed and put on a show filled with joy and God’s love; the energy was amazing.

    Please know that noone is perfect, and please try not to let the past get you down (not try to sound like the Lion King, lol). Many blessings to you and your family, and may our Lord and Savior continue to shine brightly in all that you do! Phil 4:13.

    • Wow! I’m so grateful for your comment. We have been amazed by God’s astounding redemption plan! Your words are a real encouragement this morning. If you enjoy Raze music please consider praying for me because The Lord has invited me to make more! I will be asking The Lord to surround you and your family with His favor, like a shield! Thank you Thank you thank you!!


  4. Dear sir,

    Like most of the others, I got to your page through nostalgic googling. For what it’s worth, I’m impressed by your openness and candor. You are demonstrating a genuine faith that’s been battled-tested through an arduous circumstance. A wise professor once told me “I’d rather err on the side of God’s grace than his judgment”, and you are living proof of the adage’s accuracy. I have little doubt you will continue to be a great father and husband, as well as productive in your other endeavors. I will pray for and your family as you go on through this strange journey called life. May God bless you liberally.

  5. I’m sorry you went through what you went through, I’m glad God has helped you in your life. I hope to get right with Christ one day.

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