The Walk: Church Services & Pastoral Care Mission


Many of you have known that for the past 2 years I have been a hospice chaplain, walking hundreds of people, terminally ill patients and family members, through the process of dying. On many occasions I’ve sat with family members at bedside playing guitar and worshiping Jesus as a patient left this world and entered into eternity.

These experiences have shaped me. As an artist these scenes, play out repeatedly in my mind, leading me into a deeper understanding that this life is just a breath.

3 months ago I received a call from an activities director in a retirement community and she asked me if I could help her find someone to come provide a church service? My heart responded… “Sheep without a shepherd” I further learned that she had called almost every church surrounding her building in Southlake, Texas and no Pastors would come and stay consistently.

A few days ago I spoke with another activities director in Ft Worth and she had the same experience! She says one denominational church laughed and nearly hung up on her at the thought of one of their ministers GOING to provide a regular church service.

In response to the need, My wife Synthia and my son London have joined me in GOING to provide meaningful church services and pastoral care, since November 30, 2014. London and Synthia are our door greeters and communion servers, I lead worship and preach and we all 3 provide Pastoral care at the end of services, hugging and loving each person who was able to get to the room. In recent weeks we have been asked to visit patients who were bed bound and couldn’t physically get transported to the service, due to injuries from falling. This has led to great opportunities to reach their family members with the love of Jesus.

The need for this type of church vision is great. Pastoral care is vital in these pivotal moments where these long serving Christians are finishing their race, often, in a battle with debilitating disease processes. Many times these friends are transplanted from their original homes in other states where they might have a pastor, but are now so far away that their pastor couldn’t practically walk with them.

Someone has to go… Someone needs to walk with these Christians…

Synthia, London and I prayed. We consulted our parents, who have a combined ministry experience of over 150 years. We consulted with my mentor Pastor Gordon Wright. They all agreed that we are spiritually ready for this mission.


If this testimony stirs you? Will you join us in going? Some how? Some way?

1. Intercession (prayer & fasting)
2. Giving (financially & time)
3. Going (TBA)

In the coming months we will be committing our time and relational resources into going to as many facilities as we can staff by discovering, and discipling more people for the purpose of dispatching additional Laborers into this great missions work. We want to see hundreds of teams of worship leaders, preachers and prayer warriors dispatched into retirement communities all over the world.

Many of these sweet people have been Christians longer than we have been alive! We must figure out how we can come together to serve them and meet their spiritual needs.

Message me your name & number if you would like to chat more in depth about how you can support us or join us.


Ja’Marc Davis

Funds usage:

Non-profit status, legal counsel, staffing, outreach supplies, fuel, administrative expenses

* Funds above our initial goal will continue to fund the mission as it continues.


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