Ja’Marc “Place In My Heart” (Acoustic version)

This is an important song in my life. I started writing it in 1998 while driving in Tulsa, Ok. The melody just came to me from heaven, I believe. I had really been crying out to The Lord, asking to come closer to Jesus. In those moments of crying out to Him, I realized the deeper issues that needed the light of Jesus love. But… I had to bring my sins to the light.

This is the first song that JD and I worked on together while on tour. I can still remember the places Mizzie, Donnie and I sat pouring over these lyrics. It was made complete by the great Tedd T. Tedd changed my life as a friend and producer. He was so patient with me. Tedd made me better.

If you have the Power Cd, make sure you listen to the hidden track at the end of Always & Forever that features my father Willie Davis playing the piano. My father is very very sick right now… I will always remember the day we spent in the studio on 61st and Yale in Tulsa. It was just he and I in the room…Wow. My father…

Hope you enjoy these songs and the memories of creating them.




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