I had the honor of spending some time on the phone with the president of RED THREAD PICTURES, Larry Thornton. Larry Thornton is a self-made entrepreneur who has founded multiple companies that have provided many innovations and influences to the banking and commercial credit processing industries. Now he is taking his extensive leadership, passion and experience to RedThread Pictures. His leadership experience includes founder, president and CEO of Software Earnings and First Touch Payment Solutions. Growing up in a small-town environment, Larry was provided with the foundations for the honesty and accountability with which he runs his businesses today. Thornton is also former Army where he was trained in computer programming. In 1988, Larry founded Software Earnings in Memphis, TN. During Software Earnings’ early years, the company primarily developed software out of partnerships with other companies. After many years of partnerships, Software Earnings began developing their own line of products to create one complete, end-to-end payments processing solution called Payments Navigator. Payments Navigator includes products for processing, distribution, tracking and monitoring, and clearing and posting. Throughout his years as president of Software Earnings, Larry has striven to provide the most advantageous solutions on the market while demonstrating honesty and integrity to his customers. Today, Larry leads Software Earnings’ as the company continues to provide high quality payments processing solutions. Larry incorporated First Touch Payment Solutions, LLC in 2009. As President of First Touch Payment Solutions Larry leverages relationships with First Data to multiple customers nationwide to bring exclusive national rates and credit card processing services.

I reviewed and was thoroughly impressed with the vision, the passion and the team assembled to bring quality creative content into the world that will compel people’s soul!

Larry seems like a guy we can all learn something from. I like the RED THREAD brand.

They are working in a project right now called HEAVEN! Please keep your eyes out for it may be a break out hit!

I’m inspired!! #CREATEgreat my friends!

Ja’Marc Davis



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