I apologize

I want to formally release an apology to Raze fans around the world who followed our music and believed in what we were doing on our mission.

I committed a heinous offense in my violation of trust, respect and honor of the individuals involved in my sins. I was young, self centered and immature, not taking full account of the lives that would forever be impacted by my shameful acts.

I have waited 11 years to formally release any statement because I never wanted to appear that I was attempting to escape responsibility for my actions.

I know that this apology will only reach a few, still I think those few deserve to hear how desperately sorry I still am for any sorrow my failure may have caused.

I pray that The Great God would bring his healing to those memories.



15 thoughts on “I apologize

  1. I for one am very happy to have stumbled across this. Though I wasn’t really a fan of Raze, I did happen to attend your final tour a few nights before your scandal broke. Because of what you did, my eyes were opened for the first time to the fact that Christian artists are only humans. I’m not excusing your actions or anyone else’s, it’s simply the truth. I always felt that there was a lack of public resolution to your situation and would wonder from time to time what ever happend to you. It’s encouraging to see you tactfully and humbly acknowledging this for those who were affected on a peripheral level, I’m sure it’s not easy. Having spent several years playing music full time primarily within the Christian industry I know that there are many troubling and in some cases terrible issues that never come to light like yours did. They should so that accountability, healing, and growth can take place. Forgiveness is between you and those girls. Grace however, is for us all, and I hope that everyone involved has managed to find some after all these years. Thanks for posting this.

  2. I was a fan as were my sons who were young at the time. I understand all too well that everyone is fallible, and the higher you rise the greater the chance of falling. Your honesty and repentance are commendable. It shows maturity and growth, Please know that many of us appreciate the contrition. And hopefully God can bring healing to all involved. Hope you are blessed.

  3. Thanks so much for writing this and being real. I’ve ever so often wondered where you and the others have ended up. Raze was such an inspiration to me and I still listen to the music sometimes. I think my love for dance and the arts really took off with you guys and since then I have seen the powerhouse that the arts are when God moves through them and touches people’s hearts. Things change. Again thanks for being humble and I pray God would bless you, your family and whatever you put your hands to do. He is faithful.

  4. Man, I promise you’ve been on my heart often since the scandal. I was disappointed to hear the news, but moreso grieved because I knew a sometimes-unforgiving Christian community would be unduly harsh and condemning to you. You have always had my compassion. I knew that many Christians, and even some in the limelight, were guilty of similar crimes and worse… but you would be made a pariah because you were just the one they knew about.

    I’ve prayed for you and I’m glad to have googled your name and found this today. I love the smiling pictures I see of you and your family. I wish you only love and support.

    Still a fan,
    Mark Chappelle

  5. Wow, this was a while ago. I was a huge fan of Raze. What this must of have done to the members of the group and their careers, one can only imagine. Other than the girls who were violated, they probably were the next group to suffer the most because it direclty effected the band. You were all so young at the time. I dont know where the accoutability factor was at the time or why it wasnt in place. I would never have signed you to my label, agreed to be your publicist, had girls that young on tour with me as back ups anyway and a whole host of other factors and protocols which should have been put in place to attempt to ward off this sort of thing. Those who did not set up these save guards are guilty too. Let this be a message to anyone in the industry. It can happen again, without the accoutnability. But one must also have personal accountability too. I hate when this happens to girls and you yourself are most at fault and have said as much. However, the christian community often places and unfair and heavy burden on women when something like this occurs (which is why I tend to be harder on men when something like this happens) so you really need to be contrite with those youg women you violated because I am sure that they have struggled. But now that you have confronted this to so many, you need to move on with your life. Those who are believers who are genuinely repented are not called to spend a life time obsessing about pass faults they have already acknowledged (Even King David was told by his counselor to get up and stop morning his dead son he had with Bethsheba and go ahead and take care of the living in his kingdom). You were created for a purpose move on to find what that is. There are always more dragons to slay, bigger fish to fry and more things to accomplish. Everyone involved in this had (has) a responsibility to own up to the proper people and then move on with their lives.

  6. I also have often been down the blast from the past road and thought about Raze from time to time. Mr. Davis, I am glad to have found this today. It sounds like Jesus has a hold of your heart, and I pray He keeps it. Press on brother, may God bring blessings to your life.

  7. I was a huge fan of Raze when I was in high school. More than just liking the band, I wanted to be you guys! You were the only group I knew of who could combine their faith, music, and dance in a way that was actually entertaining. I was sad to hear the news when it came out. Thank you for your apology – I just saw it today! May God bless and guide you.

  8. The only reason I even stumbled upon this is because I was missing the band.

    Power and The Plan have not left my music or phone. I bought both albums twice. I love your music and wished I could have come across you when I lived in Nashville.

    The CCM community can be tough and I know that personally Forefront wasn’t the same after the loss of Raze.

    I wish I could have new music. “If we walk in his grace, love erases our mistakes.” Pray you are strong and stay on the path he has set for you.

    Thank you for your words. It must still wheigh on you if you can remember this so long after.

  9. @jamarcdavis Just wanted to congratulate you on your repentance and doing what God wants you to do. God is full of grace and mercy and the depth of His love is deeper and wider than what we know right now. Also to those who have left comments I would like to commend their willingness to forgive because that is what God wants us to do. May God continue to give you grace.

  10. I am glad to have stumbled on this. I was a huge Raze fan too. “The plan” was one of the few CDs I bought at that time. God still has a plan. We still trust in it and put our life in His hands. He is still faithful. I do realize it’s been a few years since this was written, nonetheless, thank you for your apology.

  11. I am so thankful to have found this. Now I was never a fan of this type of music that you all did back in the day. And that is partly because I enjoy the more hard core heavy metal styles of music. And if you are in to that type of music, I would recommend a Band called For Today. They are a really good Christian Metal Band. But back on point hear, I was thinking about you all and wondered what happened. And I am so sorry to find out what it is. But I too think of David and what he did and yet he repented too and found rest in the Lord. And fortunately, that’s what I see here as well. I hope you’ve been able to contact the other people involved in your group as well and that those women can forgive you also. We are sinful vile people who deserve to go to hell and suffer torment forever. But the Gospel that saves us as that Jesus Christ graciously came down from Heaven as a Baby and then fast forward a bit, went to die on a cross hanging on a tree and to drink the cup of the wrath of God that I know I deserve to drink for all of eternity. But then he Rose again on the third day and ascended to the right hand of God the father. And so that all who repent and believe in him will have everlasting life. This is good news indeed. So let me know how can I pray for you and the rest of those people that were once involved in your group.

  12. Was listening to POWER today and googled you. Thanks for writing. Though the news broke my heart at the time, God showed me how we’re all in need of a savior through it. Those 2.5 albums were so foundational in how I perceived God and understood Him at such a young age! I can see how ideals of my own personal walk stem from the concepts within Power and The Plan. Thank you for that! Grace to all in the situation that unfortunately ended that ministry. I pray God continues to move today in each of their personal lives for His good and His glory!

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