I watched “shy” die

It was perhaps the most magical moment of my life…

I took my only son, London, to his first music video shoot today and witnessed a shy boy transform into a superstar. It was sorta crazy for me to watch it happen.

As we walked through the studio doors, he clung to my leg like a scared kitten, digging it’s paws into their owners leg in fear of the unknown. The stars of the music video shoot, the up and coming pop vocal sensation called Unity, came over to greet us, but could barely get a hello out of London!

Next he began to do, what we formally call the “potty dance”! You know, when a kiddo shakes and wiggles back and forth while trying to hold the inevitable in. So, while escorting “Londo” to the little boys room he bust through the door and asks, “I don’t have to be in it, right?” Ugh!!! My mother and the producers were so excited to have this bright eyed, big haired kid on the screen! What is dear old dad gonna come up with to answer this, what could be, life altering question for this adorable 4 year old?

I did what every self respecting, thoughtful, intuitive dad would do…. I bribed him!!!

I came at him strong!! I said, “If you do it, I’ll take you to get ice cream afterward!” Then I took it over the top when I saw I wasn’t closing the deal, “AND…. We’ll go get a LITTLE toy!”

Timidly, he returned to the set gripping my hand and hiding behind my leg. My mother came over and told us they were ready for London! She was visibly so happy and proud to facilitate this amazing moment for his life. I walked slowly to the green screen set and guided him to a mark the cinematographer was directing us to. I stood there with him for about 10 seconds… And that’s when it happened… I saw “shy” die! He looked into the camera… Smiled… And he didn’t need me anymore!

He started working the camera, smiling, jumping and making funny faces right into the camera, as if he’d been doing it for years!!!! I just stood there grinning as big as my cheeks would allow, snapping pics as fast as my iPhone would take em! Wow!!! What a memory! He was just, flat out owning the screen all by himself! London IS an entertainer!! He just needed a little help getting to and through that moment of shyness.

That experience is causing me to think about my relationship with my Heavenly
Father, The Almighty. What needs to die inside of me so that I can BE all that I was designed to be?

What needs to die inside of you?

We won’t give up…



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