… X Factor is better than Idol & Voice

Part 1:

Have you watched X Factor yet? An honest question amongst friends, right?

I would say, X Factor is my 10 to 1 favorite over The Voice and 10 to 5 favorite over American Idol.

Man, the story lines the producers find are amazing and the production team editing and selecting the sound track is perfect!

Here’s my beef with American Idol, okay? It started with season 6. You travel the country and audition 100,000 people and Sanjaya makes it into the top 24? Really? Seriously? I know, it’s a TV production first but certainly there are higher standards that can be set? It just has gotten more difficult each year as the most talented kids with the “X Factor” get sent home, while the less talented stay and win but end up selling like a hundred records, cuz the audience is into the show, not finding a true break out star who needed a big break. Come on, AMERICAN IDOL! You’re a billion dollar world wide empire, you can put 24 amazing talents on your stage AND make the show around them.



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