Do what He asked

So doing what God asked me to do should be simple? Right? Ummmm…. Not so much. The distraction to do for others, helping them do what God has asked them to do seems to comfort me, I think? I’m starting to unpack the reality that I’m in a dog fight with fear! Unaware of my own frailty in this area, fear has influenced hundreds of my decisions, I imagine, causing who knows how much delay in the fullness of the The Plan God has for my life. I felt impressed to start this blog a year ago! Count em up folks. Look at the gap in the sequence of post 2 to post 3? That’s what I’m talking about! Ugh!

My comfort is in the truth. I know that God, The Almighty, The Everlasting Creator affectionately loves me, wildly and compassionately! The Bible says, and I believe it, that nothing can separate me from His Love. His Love is Jesus! Fo real… Thank you Lord!

It’s out of that place of complete astonishment and reverence that I say to myself, “do what He asked!”

So as you can see, I wrote another post. Tomorrow I’ll get up and take another step in finalizing our move to Dallas, Texas. I’ll continue working on new music to share my joy and
my pain. Ultimately…. I’m saying I won’t give up!



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