So easily

I wish I could turn the filter off! I’m so concerned that my own perception of myself will be tarnished, not to mention those who just might stumble across this out pouring of thoughts, and again, judge me by my struggle. I know I am a man with a blemished and tattered life. So, it shouldn’t matter to me or anyone who dared to read me. (Who cares Ja’Marc!!! Just write! Ugh! Talking to myself never comes out right.)

As much as I love the Internet and how it connects me to you, temptation lurks when ever i log on. I sometimes feel like temptation is stalking me. I know… The problem is in my DNA.
Apart from complete surrender to Jesus The Christ, my Savior, I am a wicked sinner. I shouldn’t give temptation place or better yet a name. “Temptation”…..huh? That’s kinda funny, as if Temptation was the one armed man, in a trench coat, aviator shades and 40’s brimmed hat? Not cool sucka! Back off! I won’t let you steal from me! My intimacy and appreciation for my wife is worth the wrestling and word play. I can’t give up. I won’t give up! You can’t give up… You won’t give up!!!

So easily I stand up
So easily I fall down
I won’t give up



One thought on “So easily

  1. “Why and What?”. My precious little brother JaMarc, I so totally understand more than you might ever know. I too struggle each and everyday with “my thoughts” things that should not be there as a born again spirit filled Christian, the thoughts I fight against each and everyday “to just give up on life itself!” Always wondering where did my life go and what purpose did it serve anyone or anything, especially now that I turn over another milestone in my life and turn 60 on the 12th! I should be happy but I find myself sad and unaccomplished. What was my purpose? Why was I put here? Why does it seem as if I accomplished nothing in this lifetime? Much more the question rains, what is there? So many mistakes, missed turns, missed opportunities, mistrusts; what is left? All I know is that I just have to keep going! JaMarc one thing I do want you to know is what a part of my heart you stole when you were that funny little boy always making me laugh as you and my Marc and little Sarah ran around the church at “HD”. You still mean so much to me and will always have that special place in my heart. Pray for me as I continue to pray for you daily as I have for all of these years.

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