The “Civilized Un-Churched”

I had a thought today about the “Civilized Un-Churched” as I read through the names of the countries of the world. As I read, I don’t know if it was marketing or a reasoning of gifts, but I had a sense that we could be used to reach what I saw as the “Civilized Un-Churched” around the world? A culture of individuals who exist without a revelation or encounter or experience with a Supernatural God of the Bible. It seems to me that there are potentially millions of people in the civilized world that have no concept of who Jesus is, why he lived to die or how that impacts their lives now and eternally.  What an episode to miss!

Question:  Who are the “Civilized Un-Churched”?

Who can and will work to reach them?

“The harvest is ripe, but the laborers are few.”


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