What If I Stumble?


Certainly there are millions like me who are looking for the hope of redemption after massive failure? I’m sitting here in a comfortable home with my beautiful wife, while our astonishingly energetic son naps, when I get this title, in the form of a question… “what if I stumble?”. A phrase taken from a powerful song written and performed by one of my favorite bands of all time, DC Talk.  The journey to where I’ve arrived has been tough because  I HAVE stumbled (majorly! If i’m honest)   So, I guess the question I should really be asking is,” now what?”  I find myself searching for the deeper reveal as I watch documentary after documentary of the worlds greatest innovators and world changers, looking for how they overcame great failure and still went on to achieve greater successes, in there personal lives, business and family.  But, there never seems to be enough time to go that deep.  So what do we do?  I believe we should start a long winded conversation together to do it ourselves. Let’s ask each other the questions we want answered and together let’s arrive at our destiny.


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